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Monday, June 6

Latin Prose

Starting tomorrow, you can bring in any outside resources you think you will need to work on your project including a tablet or computer to help you type it all up.  I will still ask you to keep your work to class time since your home time should be devoted to studying for the final (remember that it is the ONLY exam you will take this term, and therefore it is 30% of your grade). You will take all your materials home Friday, so that you can finish the project over the weekend.

N.B. I am offering a small bonus to those who submit a redesign of the cover for a pretend Latin edition of their book.

Latin 3

Remember that you need to have shown me your visual draft by the end of class tomorrow. Translations are due by 2:45pm on Wednesday.


Friday, May 27

Latin Prose

Here is the Latin Prose Final Exam Study Sheet.

Latin 3

Here is a copy of the Homework Log for Term 4. Remember that these are due collated on Tuesday. You also need to have researched your two possible project selections. All make-up and retakes of quizzes are also due on Tuesday by 2:45pm.

Friday, May 20

Latin Prose

First, here are all the notes for our Origins of Christianity Unit (Luke 23, Acts 19.23-40, Tacitus Annales XV.44, and Pliny Epistulae X.96-97). Please make sure you have thoroughly reviewed and taken notes on the Pliny letter and Trajan’s response for Monday. We will spend 10 minutes in discussion to wrap this up.

Second, on Monday you must bring in a hard copy (not electronic!) of the book you chose for the project. It must also be labelled with your name and section number. If you would like to ensure the book’s safety please also bring a ziploc bag to keep it when not in use. These books will stay in the classroom for the first portion of the project.

Third, here is your Hmwk Log for T4. All homework must be collated and submitted by R1 Wednesday. I will have a special box for this purpose.

Latin 3

We are nearing the end of our homework for Term 4! Remember that you will have an exam on the Livy next week Friday. This weekend you need to identify the form, then give the dictionary entry (Latin & English) for the following verbs and verbals on page 75:

  • interiectis
  • venit
  • Exceptus
  • deductus esset
  • ardens
  • videbantur
  • stricto
  • dormientem
  • venit
  • oppressit
  • Tace
  • inquit
  • sum
  • est
  • moriere
  • emiseris
  • imminentem
  • videret
  • fassus est
  • oravit
  • miscuit
  • versavit
  • videbat
  • inclinari
  • addit
  • iugulatum
  • positurum (esse)
  • ait
  • necata (esse)
  • dicatur
  • vicisset
  • profectus (est)
  • expugnato
  • esset
  • eundem
  • mittit
  • veniant.
  • Dixit
  • esse faciendum
  • incidisse

Thursday, May 19

Apologies to those who get this via email–I accidentally deleted the original post.

Latin Prose

Please translate Trajan’s response to Pliny letter X.97. Think about the discussion topic introduced at the end of class.

Latin 3

Identify, analyze, and define all the verbs and verbals on page 73.

Wednesday, May 18

Latin Prose

Please read in English and identify and label the subordinate clauses in Pliny X.96-97.

Latin 3

Identify the form, then give the dictionary entry (Latin & English) for the following verbs and verbals on page 71:

  • habebant
  • praepollens
  • fuit
  • ditari
  • exhaustus
  • delenire
  • studebat
  • habitos
  • indignabantur
  • Temptata…est
  • capi
  • posset
  • processit
  • coepti
  • premi
  • fit
  • erant
  • terebant

Tuesday, May 17

Latin Prose

Tonight, if you weren’t in class today due to MCAS or absence, you need to complete a take home, open note/homework quiz: LP quiz 26 2016. I will collect this on Wednesday. If you do not have me on Wednesday, it is still due in my box by the end of the day!

Latin 3

Tonight you need to study pages 67-69 for a reading comprehension quiz.

Friday, May 13

Latin Prose

For this weekend you need to translate “Unrest at Ephesus” Acts 19.24-40. I will be out on Monday, but the Substitute will hand out your next translation, “The Persecutions under Nero” Tacitus Annales 15.44. I will give you a stamp for each of these on Tuesday. Those who miss Tuesday or Wednesday due to MCAS will have to get their class notes from the blog, but you can get your stamps when you next have class. We will work on our last Pliny letter Thursday and Friday.

Latin 3

For this weekend you need to translate page 67 in your Livy book. On Monday the substitute will remind you that you need to have analyzed all the verbs and verbals on page 69 and written out dictionary forms for each. Both of these will be checked on Tuesday. Here is the list of verbs/verbals on page 69:

  • ventum est
  • perfectis
  • incessit
  • sciscitandi
  • esset venturum
  • redditam (esse)
  • ferunt
  • habebit
  • tulerit
  • relictus fuerat
  • esset
  • taceri
  • iubent
  • redisset
  • daret
  • permittunt
  • ratus
  • spectare
  • prolapsus
  • cecidisset
  • contigit
  • esset
  • reditum (est)
  • parabatur

Tuesday, May 10

Latin Prose

Do not type, but write out by hand a translation of the vulgate version of Luke 23 which was handed out in class today.

Remember that you need to complete step one of your final exhibition by Friday, May 13. Pick your favorite fiction or non-fiction book that is at least 100 pages long (you cannot pick Harry Potter book 1, The Hobbit, Winnie the Pooh, or the Bible). Photocopy the title pages and 4 pages that are among your favorite passages.

Latin 3

Identify the form of all verbs/verbals for pages 63 & 65(in italics below), and give their dictionary forms and definitions:

I.56 pages 62-63
Intentus perficiendo templo, fabris undique ex Etruria accitis, non pecunia solum ad id publica est usus sed operis etiam ex plebe. Qui labor (non parvus et ipse) cum ad militiae laborem adderetur, minus tamen plebs gravabatur se templa deorum exaedificare manibus suis quam postquam et ad alia opera traducebatur (quae primo videbantur minora, sed re vera multo laboriosiora erant), foros in circo faciendos cloacamque maximam, receptaculum omnium purgamentorum urbis, sub terra agendam; quibus duobus operibus vix nova haec magnificentia quicquam adaequare potuit…
I.56 pages 64-65
Haec agenti portentum terribile visum: anguis ex columna lignea elapsus, cum terrorem fugamque in regia fecisset, ipsius regis non tam subito pavore perculit pectus quam anxiis implevit curis. Itaque cum ad publica prodigia Etrusci tantum vates adhiberentur, rex hoc velut domestico exterritus visu Delphos, ad maxime inclitum in terris oraculum, legatos mittere statuit. Neque responsa sortium ulli alii committere ausus, duos filios per ignotas ea tempestate terras, ignotiora maria in Graeciam misit. Titus et Arruns sunt profecti; comes iis additus L. Iunius Brutus, Tarquinia, sorore regis, natus, iuvenis longe alius ingenii quam cuius simulationem induerat.

Monday, May 9

Latin Prose

Over the past three class day we have watched the Empires Special: Peter & Paul and the Christian Revolution. You can watch part 1 and part 2 on Youtube. Please finish watching Part 2 on your own tonight and write out your answers to the take-home quiz on this documentary and the article I handed out last week The Collision with Paganism.

Write 4-6 sentences in response to each question.
1. What is something entirely new you learned or a new perspective you gained on the story of the first few decades of Christianity from the documentary? (10 points)
2. What is something entirely new you learned or a new perspective you gained on the conflicts that Christianity had with the Roman empire from the article “Collision with Paganism”? (10 points)
3. What sort of criticism or agreement do you have concerning either the documentary or the article? (10 points)

Latin 3

Today we looked at the influences on the monarchy of Ancient Rome. Tonight you need to read and takes notes on “THE CLOACA MAXIMA AND THE MONUMENTAL MANIPULATION OF WATER IN ARCHAIC ROME”. You will be using your notes to discuss Tarquin the Proud’s building projects that we will examine in pages 62-63.

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