Monday, Sept 22

Latin 3

Tonight you are starting the google doc that is due WEDNESDAY MORNING of your group’s Latin Translation of “Spring”.

  1. Set up a google doc for group, with everyone’s names and section number, and include my school email in the set up (it’s on the syllabus!)
  2. All group members type in the sentences that were edited today with corrections!
  3. Tomorrow type in the rest of your edited sentences with corrections.
  4. I will print off your group’s translation of the story and grade it for general quality of Latin (correctness of word formation according to the identifications we established as a class and syntax). This will be entered as one of the homework grades this term.

Remember that you will have an exam of review word formation and syntax on Wednesday.

Latin Prose

Tomorrow you will have your first reading comprehension quiz on chapters 1-2 of Sallust’s Bellum Catilinae.  There will be about 15 questions in English with a list of potential answers in Latin. This is a de facto vocabulary quiz, you will not be provided with the text. It is based on your understanding of the passage and knowledge of the vocabulary.

Here is what we have covered in class so far with notes: Sallust Sept 19-Sept 22

Weekend, Sept 19-21

Today we discussed the basics of standard Latin word order (click on the link for a web version of today’s handout). Remember that this is not work you are expected to master right now, rather it is something we will be working on over the course of this school year!

Latin 3

Your Job this weekend is to use the pattern:

  • (Connector) + Direct Object + Indirect Object + Prepositional Phrase + Verb (with Subject Ending).
  • Genitive + Noun modified

To translate six of the sentences in your ten sentence section of “Spring” into Latin. On Monday you will exchange your work with your group members and you will read and edit each others sentences. Bonam Fortunam!

Latin Prose

We’ve finished most of chapter one and I divided the remainder of chapter one and chapter two amongst the groups. If you didn’t finish your sentence in your group, please do so as part of your homework. You are continuing to read the English translation of Sallust’s Bellum Catilinae and taking notes on the chapters XXXI-XL.

Thursday, Sept 18

Latin 3

Tonight you need to check your identifications against the presentation in a different color than you did the original: Frog and Toad Verb ID

Some groups have already finished and have their group stamp for the Verb I.D. sheet. Those that haven’t finished yet, alll members must have their sheets finished at the beginning of class tomorrow in order to received the group stamp!

Latin Prose

Today we looked at the opening of Sallust’s Bellum Catilinae in Latin. You are continuing on with your reading of the the English translation and notes. Tonight’s reading is chapters XXI-XXX.

Wednesday, Sept 17

Latin 3

Today you worked on your verb identifications. A couple speedy groups have finished that work, and will be given their next task in the 20 minutes of group work time that we have tomorrow. The rest of you will need to use that time effectively or will be homework that is due Friday. Again, working as a group is important to overall understanding AND your participation grade. Groups change each term, so know that how we are working through this review story relates to how we will work in the rest of the course.

Your job tonight is to study the VERBS from the frog and toad wordlist. On your quiz tomorrow you will be given the second principal part and your job will be to create the other principal parts from this and give the English definition we are using for this story.

Latin Prose

Today we started watching Criminal History: Ancient Rome. While you are watching, I’ve asked you to take notes on important people named, and punishments handed out. The format of this show is quite silly, but it’s a useful overview that will help us contextualize the crimes and punishments of the Catilinarian Conspiracy. Your homework is to take notes on the chapter XI-XX of Sallust’s Bellum Catilinae

Tuesday, Sept 16

Latin 3

Your homework tonight is to check your case identifications for Frog and Toad using a different color of pen or marker. Do note that we are using the word casa, casae, f. for house instead of domus, domus, f. since the house in question is a small looking house. This also makes the use of prepositions simpler! I also made a mistake when I first went over sentence 4 and told you that “from inside” was abhinc Any close reader of the vocabulary would have noticed that it was supposed to be intus. My sincerest apologies. I excused the conflation on the most recent vocabulary quiz.

Frog and Toad Case Identifications

Latin Prose

Tonight you need to read the first 10 chapters (i.e. paragraphs I-X) of Claude Pavur’s translation of Sallust’s Bellum Catilinae. I will eventually have enough print copies for everyone, but for now read it online and take notes (notes will be stamped). We will discuss the first 10 chapters, how I will quiz you on the work, and then start watching a documentary on crime in Ancient Rome tomorrow.

Monday Sept 15

Latin 3
Have your conjugation chart for eo, ire, i(v)i, itum filled out for homework tomorrow. Remember that this verb only has passive forms in the 3rd person singular neuter. All other passives should remain blank.

Latin Prose
Tomorrow you will take a review unit exam. It will consist of (1) a 50 word unseen translation with vocabulary provided for uncommon words and idiomatic expressions, (2) a part of speech/form identification for the words in the translation, (3) a brief critical response to the content of the translation.
These are the basic skills that will be your tools for the more critical work of the rest of the course! We will begin our culture and history work for Sallust and Cicero on Wednesday.

Friday, Sept 12

Latin 3

You received your results on the diagnostic NLE that you took on Wednesday. This weekend you need to compare your answers to the correct answers, identify the concept that is being tested by the correct answer, and if you gave an incorrect answer identify the concept that you thought it was. In other words, everyone should have something in the correct answer column but the incorrect answer column will look different for each of you! Once you have finished your analysis of the concepts, use the “I’m good at…” and “I need to improve on…” chart to list your strengths and weaknesses (at least 4 of each, but more if you like). You will receive a qualitative grade for your self-evaluation that will be entered as a quiz, so take your time and think about it!

Latin Prose

For your evaluation we hand entered the correct answers next to the numbers. Please cross out the “if incorrect” in the second column, and in the “self-analysis” column identify the concept that is being tested by the correct answer, and if you gave an incorrect answer identify the concept that you thought it was. At the end, instead of bullet point strengths and weaknesses, write a narrative paragraph explaining your experience taking the diagnostic and then self-analyzing the answers. You will receive a qualitative grade for your self-evaluation that will be entered as a quiz, so take your time and think about it!