Thursday, Oct 30

Latin 3

Here is the wordlist for the year that I promised I would post. I’ll be giving you an activity to complete with this document this weekend. I’ll have copies for those who can’t print it off at home.

Latin 1 & 2 Wordlist

Latin Prose

You were assigned either the evens or the odds of the composition exercises for chapter 5 depending on your seat. We’ll continue with the translation we started tomorrow.

Wednesday, Oct 29

Latin 3

Tonight you need to collate your homework from term 1, check off whether it has a stamp or is finished without a stamp on your homework log, and secure it together in a folder or with a clip.

Latin 3 Homework Log T1

Latin Prose

Remember that your projects are due to my school email by 3pm on Friday.

Tomorrow we will start work on the next unit of In Catilinam I, chapters 5-8. Have your group’s translation of this chapter ready for a check.

Tuesday, Oct 28

Latin 3

Tomorrow you have an exam!

  • 40 points unseen translation where you will give a correct English translation below each sentence or partial sentence (8 of these, so 5 points each)
  • 30 points deponent synopsis with English translation of forms
  • 35 points Latin composition sentences (taken directly from homework) where you are given the English version and then for the Latin some of the words are translated and for those untranslated (5 blanks per sentence) you will fill in the blank with the correctly declined or conjugated form of the word provided below it.

Latin Prose

Tomorrow you will receive the Latin of your passages for this term and next term’s project. You will have class time tomorrow to work on the translations of your project. You started on the translation of Chapter 5 of In Catilinam today with your groups. That will not be due until Thursday. Remember that the project is due to my school email by Friday, October 31, 3pm.

Monday, Oct 27

Latin 3

Tonight you need to complete the composition sentences from FG 67:

  1. They brought the ship through and came to the land where the fleece was. navis, navis, f. :: perduco, -ducere, -duxi, -ductum :: atque :: ad + ACC :: terra, -ae, f. :: ubi :: sum, esse, fui :: vellus, velleris, n. :: advenio, -venire, -veni, -ventum
  2. Aeetes held the throne of that country when they came.  Aeetes, Aeetae, m. :: regnum, -i, n. :: is, ea, id :: regio, regionis, f. :: obtineo, -tinere, -tinui, -tentum :: ubi :: advenio, -venire, -veni, -ventum
  3. He did not doubt that they were intending to demand the fleece from him. [future active periphrastic, chart p.120, follow sequence of tense] non :: dubito, -are, -avi, -atum :: quin :: ab + ABL :: is, ea, id :: vellus, velleris, n. :: postulo, -are, -avi, -atum
  4. He had adopted a disgraceful plan so that no one might get possession of this.  consilium, -i, n. :: turpis, turpe :: capio, capere, cepi, captum :: ut :: nemo :: hic, haec, hoc :: potior, potiri, potitus sum
  5. When Jason asked him what was to be done, the king informed him of this plan. [future passive periphrastic, chart p.142, make sure it’s happening before the main verb!] Cum + plpf subj :: Iason, Iasonis, m. :: rogo, -are, -avi, -atum :: quid :: facio, facere, feci, factum :: rex, regis, m. :: de + ABL : consilium, -i, n. :: certiorem facere

Your exam on Wednesday will be structured as follows: 40 pts are an unseen translation concerning Jason and the Argonauts with new or infrequent words provided (1-2 per sentence); 30 pts are a deponent synopsis; 35 pts are sentences from the composition homework with dictionary forms provided.

Latin Prose

You job tonight is to collate this term’s homework, and mark homework log with checks to indicate stamped assignments and unstamped but finished assignments. I will do all calculations! Latin Prose Homework Log Term 1


Weekend Oct 24-26

Latin 3

Now that projects are turned in we are completing our final story from FG, 67. Please analyze the form of all verbs and verbals in the passage and give their translation:

Brevi intermisso spatio Argonautae ad flumen Phasim venerunt, quod in finibus Colchorum erat. Cum navem appulissent atque egressi essent, statim ad regem Aeetam se contulerunt, et ab eo postulaverunt ut vellus aureum sibi traderetur. Ille cum audisset quam ob causam Argonautae venissent ira commotus diu negavit se vellus traditurum esse. Tandem tamen, quod sciebat Iasonem non sine auxilio deorum hoc negotium suscepisse, mutata sententia pollicitus est se vellus traditurum, si Iason labores duos difficillimos prius perfecisset; et cum Iason dixisset se ad omnia pericula subeunda paratum esse, quid fieri vellet ostendit. Primum iungendi erant duo tauri specie horribili, qui flammam ex ore efflabant; deinde his iunctis ager quidam arandus erat et dentes draconis serendi. Hac re audita Iason etsi rem esse summi periculi intellegebat, tamen, ne hanc occasionem rei bene gerendae amitteret, negotium suscepit.

In groups you are working on the three intervening stories: 64, 65, 66. That translation should be finished when you get to class on Monday. I will stamp it as a homework assignment.

Here are the deponent verbs covered in stories 57-61, 63, and 67.

  • 1st Conjugation arbitror, arbitrari, arbitratus sum : think; cohortor, cohortari, cohortatus sum : encourage; commoror, commorari, commoratus sum : delay, linger; conor, conari, conatus sum : try
  • 2nd Conjugation polliceor, polliceri, pollicitus sum : promise; vereor, vereri, veritus sum : fear
  • 3rd Conjugation consequor, consequi, consecutus sum : follow; nanciscor, nancisci, nactus sum : find; proficiscor, proficisci, profectus sum : set out; sequor, sequi, secutus sum : follow; utor, uti, usus sum : use (+ abl)
  • 3rd (io) conjugation fio, fieri, factus sum : be made; progredior, progredi, progressus sum : go forward; egredior, egredi, egressus sum : go out, disembark
  • 4th Conjugation potior, potiri, potitus sum : acquire (+ abl)

Latin Prose

You have an exam on Monday! It will consist of the following: 30 pts Unseen Translation, 20 pts Latin Composition (from homework exercises!), 50 pts Short Answer: History/Culture, Roman Calendar, People, and Grammar from chapters 1-4. It’s often helpful to reread the notes in the BLS Commentary. We’ve finished sections 1-13 in that text.

Here’s the translation and clause analysis for I.4: caput iv

For those of you looking for scholarly sources on your speech, have you gone to the main branch of BPL at Copley to view works that are for in library use only? They have a number of books on Cicero and some books specific to certain speeches. Look up call numbers ahead of time and bring a list to the Delivery Desk (McKim building 2nd Floor, this is the part of the library open during renovations). You all have library cards, so use them!

Wednesday, Oct 22

Latin 3

Tonight you need to study for a reading comprehension and idiom quiz on stories 61, 63 and composition sentences 61, 62, and 63. I’ve split the composition sentences for 63 amongst the groups and we will go over them before the quiz tomorrow.

Here are the idioms we have seen in these three stories:

  • navem deducere : to launch a ship
  • solvere : to set sail
  • dolorem capere/afficere : to suffer grief
  • usui (dat of usus) : useful
  • e navi egredi : to disembark
  • ob eam causam : for this reason, therefore
  • simul atque/ac : as soon as
  • postridie : on the next day
  • ancoras tollere : to weigh anchor
  • in ancoris : at anchor
  • frustra : without effect, uselessly
  • pugnatum est : the battle raged (lit. it was fought)

Due date reminders: Projects Friday 10/24, Term Exam Wednesday 10/29, Homework Logs Thursday 10/30 & Friday 10/31.

Latin Prose

Today you worked on composition sentences for chapter 4. We will go over the translation and then the sentences tomorrow and Friday. Remember to submit your selections with name of piece, chapter/section number and first sentence in English from your published translation to my bin tomorrow. I will give you the Latin and class time next week to work on the translation of your selected portion.

Due date reminders: Term Exam Monday 10/27, Homework Logs Tuesday 10/28, Projects Friday 10/31.

Tuesday, Oct 21

Latin 3

For tomorrow, Wednesday 10/22, identify the form of the verbs/verbals and the type of subordinate clauses in story 63.

Postridie eius diei Iason [tempestatem satis idoneam esse] arbitratus (summa enim tranquillitas iam consecuta erat) [sublatīs ancorīs] profectus est, et, [pauca milia passuum progressus,] ante noctem Mysiam attigit. Ibi paucas horas in ancoris exspectavit; a nautis enim cognoverat [aquae copiam [quam secum haberet] iam deficere,] atque ob eam causam quidam ex Argonautis in terram egressi aquam petebant. Quo in numero erat Hylas quidam, puer formā praestantissimā. [Qui dum fontem quaerit,] a comitibus suis paulum discessit. Nymphae autem [quae fontem colebant,] [cum puerum vidissent,] ei persuadere conatae sunt [ut apud se maneret.] [Cum ille negaret] [se hoc facturum esse,] eum vi abstulerunt. Comites [postquam [Hylam amissum esse] senserunt,] [magno dolore affecti] diu frustra quaerebant. Hercules autem et Polyphemus, [qui vestigia pueri longius secuti erant,] [ubi tandem ad litus redierunt,] [Iasonem solvisse] cognoverunt.

Due date reminders: Projects Friday 10/24, Term Exam Wednesday 10/29, Homework Logs Thursday 10/30 & Friday 10/31.

Latin Prose

Tonight you need to create a vocab list and identify the subordinate clauses in chapter 4.

Due date reminders: Term Exam Monday, 10/27, Homework Logs Tuesday 10/28.